Mass Tort Class Action Claims

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Watson, McMillin & Street, LLP has effectively represented many clients in multiple types of Mass Tort cases and Class Action. Often, the actions of a corporation can cause significant damage to many people. You and many others may endure economic losses, such as loss of income, medical bills, pain, and suffering, and other hardships as the result of negligent activity by one or more corporations. We can help you navigate these complicated matters.

A Mass Tort is a type of civil action that allows multiple people suffering damages to file a lawsuit against one or more negligent corporations. Mass Tort Claims typically involve defective or dangerous products or corporate actions. Watson, McMillin & Street, LLP has helped hundreds of people with Mass Tort Claims recover millions of dollars in compensation. We successfully helped clients recover economic damages arising from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, financial losses caused to rice farmers throughout Louisiana by the negligent conduct of Bayer Corporation and its subsidiaries, and we successfully represented the clients with claims against Monsanto and Bayer Corporation for injuries and death resulting from the exposer to Roundup Herbicide.

We are currently assisting clients with claims involving the following products and services:

    1. We are assisting property owners with claims against the United States Corps of Engineers for damages caused by the Mississippi River flooding their property;
    2. We are assisting injured clients diagnosed with cancer or other bodily injury arising from the use of defective CPAP machines; and
    3. We are consulting with individuals suffering from Parkinson’s Disease as a result of exposure to Paraquat Herbicide.

Have you or your loved ones suffered any injuries due to the actions of a large corporation? Watson, McMillin & Street, LLP is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and discuss whether your case qualifies for Mass Tort Litigation.

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